How to set up Unblock VPN SSTP on Windows 7

Open the Control Panel, choose "Network and Internet" and then "Network and Sharing Center".

Click on "Setup a new connection or network".

Select "Connect to a workspace" and then click on "Next" button.

Click on "Use my Internet connection".

Now enter the VPN server address (sstp- must be prior standard server address. EXAMPLE: ->, then enter " SSTP" in the "Destination name". Click on "Next" button.

Enter your UnblockVPN Account details - your email as User name and Password. Connect the VPN by clicking on "Connect" button.

Click on "close".

Left click on network icon in your system tray then right click on " SSTP" and choose "Properties".

Click on "Security" and choose the type of VPN connection as "Secure Socet Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)". Then click on "Ok" button.

Left click on the icon on your desktop panel and click on "Connect" button.

Check your UnblockVPN user details and click on "Connect" button.

Your connection has been established.

For any further VPN connection please use the SSTP connection icon in "Network Connections" or left click on network icon in system tray.

You can specify server port address for example: (IMAPS port 993). See available SSTP ports here.

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